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Andy Owen-Smith

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Night Out After Work

Night Out After Work

Artist Biography

I moved to Cheltenham to study art at Cheltenham & Gloucester Art and Design School and graduated in 1979 with a Degree in Fine Art & Art History.

I paint mainly in oils and my work captures slices of everyday life, using colour and form to create atmosphere, movement, and tension.​ I use instinctive brush strokes, spontaneity, intuitive mark making and use of bold colours to create a unique narrative in each piece of work.

Recent shows have included people on the underground titled ‘Mask before Masks’ which captured life before lockdown when we wore a different type of mask. Last year I explored the world of horse racing through the people that attend the meetings, their relationships with other race goers and the space around them.​

I am currently working on a series of paintings related to the experience of working backstage in Theatre, which I look forward to exhibiting at Sixteen Gallery during the Jazz Festival in May next year.

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