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Leah Marshal

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Artist Biography

I am a lover of life, inspired by the creative connection between body, mind and spirit. Alongside my work as a visual artist, I teach art for wellbeing, meditation & creative drawing and embodied breath & movement practices. 


It is a privilege to draw a naked body. An exchange anchored in the spirit of trust and respect. Drawing can be thought of in terms of active meditation, an ongoing response to the present moment, as one moment moves into the next.

Life drawing offers a creative exchange between self and other. Looking & sensing the other through the visual field and felt senses of the self, together with the tangible experience of the drawing materials, creates instinctive movement & response which is expressed onto paper. The drawings capture the combined essence of personal and transpersonal experience. For me it’s about finding flow and trusting the process in a fluctuating balance between control and surrender.

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