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Nicholas Robertson

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Artist Biography

I suspect like most figurative artists I find drawing and painting the human form wholly embedded with human behaviour. The desire to secure more than a representation of a person’s movement, the spilling of light over their contours or the various other physical facets is the reason we continue to make paintings. To liberate a recognisable small emotion in texture, colour and pattern and to make it still, perhaps this is my measure of a successful painting.

TRAINING Gloucester College of Art. Commercial decorative arts studio producing pictorial work, murals etc.

TEACHING Training new graduates at above studio and the Royal Forest of Dean College.

EXHIBITIONS Sussex Gallery Brighton. Cheltenham Fine Arts, Triumvirate exhibition. World travelling exhibition, Facopa PR Teheran. Ogle Gallery Cheltenham. Contemporary Art Holdings. Atrium Gallery London. Brian Sinfield Gallery Burford & Withington. Montpellier Galleries Cheltenham & Stratford. Artists in Studio. Martins Gallery Cheltenham, Burlington Gallery.

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