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Paula Kear

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Inherit The Wind

Inherit The Wind

Artist Biography

Paula Kear is a Cheltenham-born artist creating both traditional and contemporary detailed portraits of people and animals, using chalk pastel pencils and occasionally, with the addition of graphite.Whilst she has had no formal training, Paula began to develop her passion for art whilst drawing at school. Now that she has more time, it’s important for her to draw regularly, for her art and draftsmanship to evolve in more complex directions, and not to stay within her comfort zone. Paula chooses subjects that challenge her, which push the boundaries of chalk to the limit with ultra-fine lines, infinite detail and blending/shading. Pastels have always been her medium as they are so adaptable as many shades can be created by using just one pencil. They help to mimic the texture of fur, hair, fabric and skin and blending is a joy.

Vibrant contemporary colour, applied to realistic detailed human faces and form, is an unusual theme that Paula continues to create and progress. The contrast between light and shade is important as it can instantly transform and dramatize. Every new portrait will always be a learning experience for her.

Paula currently enjoys drawing classical sculptures/memorials as they are beautiful, ethereal and so life-like. She has recently drawn four statues located in her beloved Cheltenham and is hoping that her signature detail will show them in their full light. For some sculptures Paula chooses to add her contemporary colour to transform the cold, dull grey stone and create empowering energy and to almost bring them to life. Most of the minimal backgrounds will be dark as a contrast to the subject colours giving them an extra dimension.

Paula’s intention is for her portraits to stand out and to literally draw the viewer in to look closer and to imagine the story that lies within.

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