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Leanne Courtney-Crowe

Leanne Courtney-Crowe

'Breaking Wave'

Creativity is not just about producing the art, it’s about giving someone a connection, either visually or emotionally. It’s those personal connections that gives me my passion for painting. Having a creative mind led me to a foundation course headed by Mick Maslen in my hometown of Cheltenham. This developed to a love of clay, so I studied ceramic design at Falmouth School of Art and Design in Cornwall. Although Cornwall is a stunning place to live and has a special place in my heart, I returned to Cheltenham and graduated in 1996 after studying a two-year visual arts degree focusing on my painting.

Once I graduated, the next 24 years were spent helping young minds grow, and from the end of 2020 art, especially painting, has again become a major part of my life. Nature, is my main source of inspiration, keeping me grounded and provides me with limitless ideas. I am grateful to live in the beautiful Cotswolds but during the last 25 years, I have also had connections with the Isle of Wight which has provided me with endless seascape inspiration. My paintings, either abstract, floral or sea waves, are created in various sizes using either oils, acrylics, or mixed media.

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