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Sam Wilkins

Sam Wilkins

'Farmland Tapestry'

After a long career in IT Sam discovered her love of painting. She started painting in earnest during lockdown 2020 and this, along with walking with her husband and dog, and tending to her garden, kept the anxiety at bay during this incredibly unnerving time. She was fortunate enough that during this time she gained popularity on Instagram and sold a few pieces online. This also led to have her work noticed by a gallery owner who included many works for an exhibition during the summer of 2021. She found she loved painting so much she carried on after lockdown was lifted.

Sam predominantly paints in acrylic on canvas, layering paint to achieve specific effects but also uses mixed media to acquire a depth and texture to her work, including using the remnants of her demolished studio as a keepsake of some happy (and many frustrating) memories. She paints in a contemporary abstract style with many pieces having been inspired by her love of nature, the sea, landscapes, and interesting vignettes that she comes across whilst walking with her husband and dog in the countryside. She also tries to be eco conscious when creating her work and will frequently use recycled canvasses and leftover house paint to create her work. Sam is predominantly self-taught supplemented with a 2 short courses over the last couple of years and a life drawing class many moons ago whilst living in London.

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