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Hannah Shergold

Hannah Shergold

'Shergold Selfie Feb 19'

Since leaving the Armed Forces in 2018, former helicopter pilot Hannah Shergold has raised over £160,000 for charity through the sale and donation of artwork and is now one of the most successful self-representing artists in the UK.

Hannah has featured on Sky Arts “Portrait Artist of the Year 2019”, in the Financial Times "How To Spend It" and was listed as one of the top ten women to watch in the arts by About Time Magazine.

Hannah's work is in demand across the globe and now features in some of the most influential collections in France, Switzerland, Australia, the USA and Singapore.

Hannah’s usual style brings together a unique use of palette knives and scraping tools to drag thick impasto paint through itself as a blending method. This enables her to create a mesh of layers throughout the work, adding another dimension of interest for the viewer.

Her portraiture often sees the use of more subtle colours and brushwork, focusing on the study and observation of skin tone with reflected light.

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