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Paula Kear

Paula Kear

'Blue Woman'

Paula is a Cheltenham-born artist creating detailed drawings of people and animals, using chalk pastel pencils and occasionally, with the addition of graphite.

I have had no formal training but it’s important for me to draw regularly, for my art to evolve and not to stay within my comfort zone.

I choose subjects that challenge me, which push the boundaries of chalk to the limit with ultra-fine lines and blending/shading. I love the contrast between light and shade as it can instantly transform and dramatise a face.

"Pastels are so flexible and I find it amazing just how many shades can be created using one pencil. They can help to mimic the texture of fur and hair and blending is a joy.

I usually start with the eyes as they are fascinating and unique and, along with the mouth, should help to tell the story. All the focus is on the face (with no background) as I want it to stand out from the paper and draw the viewer in.

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