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Artist Biography

Andy Lovell

In Praise of Wind

In Praise of Wind

Printmaker - work in galleries around the UK
Illustrator - clients include Penguin, Faber & Faber, Waitrose, Morrisons, Nat West, William Grant & Sons
I work from life, often in the landscape and take that experience in nature and the paintings that I have made back into the studio to interpret through expressive printmaking. 

My for this project evolved from talking with Maria Lagerborg about common themes in our work, nature, movement, the elements and these all seemed a good starting point for us both.

Having been moved by the beauty of a wind farm in Northumbria last year I decided to take that as my starting point for our collaboration. Maria then responded to my 1st images with a simple and beguiling Zoetrope animation that took on this theme of windmills. I then was inspired to respond in kind, intrigued to animate my own work and try and express the sheer enormity and majesty of these turbines presence in the landscape when moving.

My final print which is called ‘In Praise of Wind’ and its implied movement to evoke the wind in the blades is informed by sessions of experimental mono printing and the different perspective that animating those mark gave me.

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