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Artist Biography

Jeannie Brown BA Hons

Whitechapel, Rush Hour

Whitechapel, Rush Hour

Graphic Art & Design
2009 - 2012 BA Hons Degree in Contemporary Fine art Practice
Specialising in Printmaking - now predominately silkscreen print & linocut.
My prints echo my interest in the urban environment and also fulfil a passion for expressing those interests through various forms of printmaking

My three words are URBAN / PATTERN /SOCIETY

My creative inspiration is derived from the energy of contemporary urban cities, with particular interest in change and society. 

My work from the beginning has largely centred on central Birmingham, a Midlands city that I have historical links with. It’s not only a city with a super diverse society but it is also a place that historically seems to be in a constant state of change which makes it an interesting city to study. It is these two aspects that have been of interest and made me look at other links with other cities in the UK that are also in this state of change. 

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