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Oil and Water

2nd - 7th May 2024

Andy and Arthur Owen-Smith take over the space for their first collaborative show.

About the Artists

Father and Son and owners of Sixteen Gallery Andy and Arthur Owen-Smith  are coming together for their first collaborative show highlighting their distinctive and unique styles.

Andy is a painter specialising in oils and has developed a collection of works focused on figures and portraits.

A collection that looks at people and their interaction and connection with others and their environments.

Training as an Illustrator, Arthur has pursued a career in graphic design and illustration and has created this show around his interest in screen printing. Exploring texture and visual interest through layering colour and shape throughout his work.Bold, bright and graphic it creates and interesting contrast against Andy's painterly and evocative brushstrokes.

For more information on either, head over to their artists profiles on SIXTEENOnline 

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