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Across The Land

Across The Land

20th May - 1st June 2022

artForce Collective

artForce collective is a group of seven artists and makers who came together in January 2021 during the COVID 19 pandemic. The group consists of Carrie Sermon, Colin Clark, Jo Biggadike, Steve Roberts, Tracey Cadogan, Karen Fitzpatrick and Sarah Jemmett.   

We all met in late 2020 during a short break in the lockdown when we worked with a local charity to set up a Pop-Up art shop in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

When we closed the shop in December 2020, we recognised the benefit of supporting each other in our work during these difficult times and decided to stay together moving forwards into 2021.

Pilgrims walk a path of internal and external revelations, and as artists, we similarly embark on a journey of discovery and transformation. As artForce collective, we exhibit together regularly, sharing our skills and knowledge. The insights gained from this process continue to support and enrich our artistic development and as a result, we have become good friends.

Across the Land is our latest exhibition and celebrates the interconnection between our creative work, our lives, the land in which we live and the profound influence the people we meet have upon us. Connection is essential to our wellbeing and our artistic practices remind us of this.

The printmaking, poster designs, jewellery, artist’s books and paintings you see represent what we believe to be our best work. Our artistic practices are an exploration of the wonder of the natural world in all its colours, forms and expressions and our relationship to this and each other.  We hope you find something in this exhibition to which you feel a connection. 

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