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Amanda House, Tricia Arlott

Amanda House, Tricia Arlott

1st - 7th September 2022

Amanda House, Tricia Arlott

Cheltenham artist Amanda House is a true colourist. Working on handmade rag paper she layers watercolour, gouache encaustic, pencils and pastels, to create joyful and uplifting pictures. This artist's unorthodox portrayal of pots and flowers results in dynamic paintings that invigorate the still life genre.

Having finished an Access to Art course at Stroud College followed by a degree in Fine Art at Cheltenham in 2008 Amanda went on to be given solo exhibitions in Cheltenham, London and Italy. Her work has also been shown in galleries in Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire and RWEA Bristol. Her works are currently being shown in the Art Gallery at Burford Garden Company.

Working in oils and wax Tricia Arlott paints dreamy skies over land and water to recall elusive memories or emotions. Layers of oil paint are mixed with cold beeswax and applied with palette knives and brushes to paper and board to enhance picture transparency and depth. On some pieces she carefully scratches through the top layer to reveal the hidden colours beneath. On others she softens edges to create a smooth and polished finish.

Tricia's experience as a gilder on glass is most evident in her panel paintings where she uses metallic leaf as well as oil and wax for a finish that captures and reflects the light. Her gilding work is held in private collections in the UK, France, Germany and the USA.

After working as a television journalist and academic for much of her life, Tricia now paints full time. She also works in pastels to create portraits, by commission.

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