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15th July - 4th August 2021

Arthur Owen-Smith

A one week pop-up designed around graphic design made with an illustrative eye.

Blink is a showcase of, predominately, digital illustrations and graphic artwork depicting subjects and ideas that have sparked my imagination or piqued my interest.

The focus with this show has been on using bold colours, shapes and themes to create large scale prints with a big impact, that will become statement pieces displayed in homes, studios and workspaces. Hopefully bringing bright colours or a humorous twist to locations that will have, no doubt, become far too familiar and monotonous over the last year and a half of lockdowns and pandemics.

I was always doing something creative as a child, and with two highly artistic parents, a fine art painter and sculptor, and a ceramicist, I knew I wanted my life to be filled with art, design and creativity. After completing a foundation degree from Cheltenham Art College, I moved to Bournemouth to study Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth before returning to Cheltenham.

Over the last 10 years I have been able to pursue my love of art and design with various freelance works ranging from restaurant branding, layout design, websites and book covers to board games, custom designed headphones, portraiture and fine art prints. My huge range of interests and hobbies, food and drink, the local landscape, nostalgia and a retro aesthetic, always seem to feed into my work in some form and they have help define my artistic style that has moved and changed dramatically over time.

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