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Expression in Colour

Expression in Colour

25th - 31st May 2023

Martyn Symott, Gerald Crittle, Luba Arnold Larnie

Martyn -
For 2023 Martyn has continued his exploration of digital painting by creating a collection of work on the theme of Heat. He has used familiar painting techniques including; oils, sponges, rollers and air brushes in his virtue studio to paint glowing colourful representations of this theme. Whilst the output is printed by a photographic laboratory, each painting is sold as a one-off original piece certified by the artist.
Martyn’s current portfolio can be viewed through his Linktree account.

Gerald -
At the Expressions of Colour exhibition, Gerald Crittle will be showing a new collection of big and bold abstract paintings. His art has a layer of texture that provides a foundation, it doesn't fully dictate the final product. Instead, it acts as a guide that can influence what viewers focus on but doesn't control the overall effect. He does not use the texture as paint-by-numbers instructions but rather lets the nooks and crannies in the surface create the happy accidents that make an abstract painting interesting. 
Gerald will also be exhibiting a new collection of wall objects painted on reclaimed floorboards and some unique smaller work created using repurposed materials. 

Luba -
For this exhibition, Luba has produced a collection of colourful contemporary paintings which explore an emotional representation of nature in all its states and behaviours. In her exuberant, colour-drenched depictions, nature comes to life and unleashes its full, elemental force, from shimmering sunshine to turbulent storm, dawn to dusk.
With acrylic, oil and charcoal as her main media, she plays with pure colours, light effects and form, intensifying them, pushing them to extremes.
More of Luba’s work can be found on her website

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