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Life Through A Digital Filter

Life Through A Digital Filter

20th - 26th October 2022

Lauren Clark

'Life Through a Digital Filter' is a continuation of the work and research I developed through my postgraduate course. I wanted to make work that reflected the present day and the anxiety that so many people experience on a daily basis. This anxiety which is impacted by the frenzy of modern-day life. The subject matter in the artwork is focused on certain areas of everyday life, such as consumerism and social media, particularly filtered images. 

The colours are inverted to create a negative image. Although you can see it is a building or a landscape, it is not the colours you expect it to be.  This makes the image more ambiguous and therefore makes less sense. The images look futuristic with the colour palette, almost like they are screens or digital images with the luminous white, blue, and purple hues. 
When you look through a screen using a negative filter you will see the ‘original’ colours or what colours they should be. By looking at the image through your phone camera, it creates an interaction between the viewer and the artwork. I want to enhance the idea that the world is seen through a filter.

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