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New Terrain

New Terrain

16th -29th September 2022

Emma Howell

Young Cotswold artist, Emma Howell is announcing her new solo exhibition, New Terrain, which will be shown from 16th – 29th September 2022 at Sixteen Gallery in Cheltenham. The exhibition is intended to celebrate the progression of her work since 2018, with previously unseen pieces and a showcase of her most recent work.

Dedicated to her late father, Mark Howell, Emma describes the exhibition as an “exploration of terrain as a concept relating to the individual.” She goes on to explain that “your terrain is not only where you live, the ground that you walk on and the environment that you immerse yourself in; it is also a word to collectively describe the biological components that make you a living, breathing and ever-evolving human.”

Emma uses her art to help to nurture her mind, body, and soul, which has been crucial since the loss of her father in 2016, and her New Terrain show reflects the process of self-care that she has learnt to develop over this time. She has focussed her paintings to help you to feel grounded and unplug you from our uneasy civilisation; they are here to open your mind, soothe your soul, and spark feelings of nostalgia.

“All my work is dedicated to my Dad” Emma reveals. “Experiencing his loss was the genesis of my entire art practice – and continues to inform my work as a constant influence, and as a lens through which I experience my surroundings. My work is a progressive appreciation of the world around me, and through colour and form, the intention is to celebrate life and experience – and offer viewers a form of escapism.”

The New Terrain exhibition will feature Munson Guitars, custom and bespoke guitar luthiers who will host a seminar and perform an intimate live show in honour of her late bass player father. It will also showcase new products from leading British pottery aficionados, Sculpd.

Working on paper and canvas, and with a range of media including paint, pencil, and pastels, Emma describes her work as the instinctive way she navigates life and nurtures her own sense of self. As time passes, the terrain that she navigates constantly evolves, as does the work that she produces in response. With artwork now proudly displayed across the world including in Europe, the US, Australia, and Seychelles, Emma is a British abstract artist based in the Cotswolds who lives with her husband, Jon, and dog, Gibson.

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