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24th - 30th June 2021

Bespoke furniture with an Eco conscience.

Our story has its roots in craftsmanship and a deep respect for natural materials. It begins with a shared passion for ecologically valid materials and processes and culminates in a unique offering: we make furniture using traditional techniques and skills, while being mindful of the environmental impact. 

Our relationship with furniture began in London, where Toby trained as a cabinet maker and I began my career as a technical chandelier designer. With the birth of our first child Betty, we decided to return to our beautiful hometown of Cheltenham. When our second child, Sid, came along, he faced some serious health issues, and this forced us to reflect on the important stuff. During that time, we made the decision to quit our jobs and start a company of our own. ‘Planted’ was born.

Each piece of furniture we create is made from scratch, built to last and contains natural materials in place of man-made synthetics. Modern upholstery technics often use polyurethane foams that are damaging to the environment, and have safety issues: they can emit harmful gasses in the home. This is because polyurethanes form carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other toxic products during decomposition or combustion. We believe, on all counts, it’s far better to use traditional, time-tested manufacturing principles and incorporate natural, breathable materials whenever possible. In addition, we also partnered with the National Trust and committed to planting at least one tree every time we make a sale.

We admit the process has taken time to perfect. In fact, we have invested three years in building the collection you see here.  

Having spent over a decade in the upholstery business, Toby has worked with many different styles, ages, and states of furniture, so is highly experienced in the all-important technical work. We also carefully consider our choice of face fabrics – how they have been made, grown, or recycled. The way each fabric performs (does it feel soft, will it last, will it hold its shape) is equally important to us, plus it must look great and have its place on the eco scale.

Each style sits differently , so we are confident that our limited collection can accommodate everyone’s tastes and personal preferences. But if you’re an independent thinker with a love of design, check out our bespoke section. We can make whatever you can dream up. 

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