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26th July - 2nd August 2023

Mathew Goddard-Jones

Matthew Goddard-Jones is UK and US based award-winning photographer who has deepened his personal expression through oil painting. 

Working from a studio nestled in the shadow of the Cotswolds hills, his paintings are an impassioned reflection of the surroundings that have shaped his life. These studies in cold-wax, oil and pigment are mesmerising, each developed over many months, capturing the surfaces, flora, changing light and passage of time that encapsulate this area’s unique character. 

Working at an imposing scale, Goddard-Jones painstakingly builds multiple layers of material onto large boards, then carves and cuts directly into the surface to express the passage of time and its beautiful legacy.  

He recently completed a major commission of paintings for Nainoa, New York and was featured in the July 2023 edition of ‘Cotswold Life’ magazine. His exhibition at 16 Gallery, Cheltenham is his first solo show with original paintings and very limited edition prints available for sale.

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