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Arthur Owen-Smith

I aim to recreate the texture and tactile nature of printmaking utilising digital techniques

I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a deep interest in the techniques and applications of printmaking in all its forms.

I work predominantly digitally, aiming to mirror the textures and tactile nature of printed artworks, but utilise and emulate printmaking styles and mark making to create specific desired effects.

I will often scan in textures and prints I have made and alter, distort or layer them with other digital elements to create the final image. The focus of the work I create is to recreate the often accidental unique finishes of print-work; The spots where layers don’t quite line up and multiple colours show through, or smudges, marks and miss-prints that make the work feel more handmade yet are created with an entirely different digital skill set.

Much of my work is printed at a large scale to enhance its impact, creating striking images that draw the eye from afar but as the viewer gets closer reveals the layers, colours and textures in a greater detail.

Ultimately, the hope is to shrug off the stigma associated with digital art and for it to been seen as a legitimate art form along with an appreciation for the skills required for its effective execution.

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