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Martyna Sabadasz

The unpredictability of printmaking is what draws me to the medium.
It's a test of patience and skills.

I'm a Polish illustrator, muralist and printmaker living and working in the UK since 2007.

My printmaking journey began during my BA Illustration course at the University of Gloucestershire in 2008. Trained in traditional illustration, I started experimenting with woodcut and linocut printing. Since then,I developed an interest in other printmaking techniques like screen-printing, collagraph and etching.

Relief printing, however, became my prefered medium for creating short stories and single-image narratives.

I'm very passionate about this medium due to its physical nature and the strength of contrast it combines.

On the contrary, the collagraph prints I moved onto recently, which, unlike woodcuts, are fine and delicate, allow me for new ways of expression.

My work is full of opposites and varied in the subject.

It reflects the interest in the human figure, inspired by Japanese prints, a limited colour palette, contrasts, and bold and subtle lines.

I have a BA in Illustration and an MA in Graphic Arts.

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