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Helen Davison Bradley

Helen Davison Bradley

Oil on mounted paper

Having lived in Gloucestershire for most of her life, Helen Davison (b. 1974) graduated with a Degree in Fine Art from Cheltenham & Gloucester College in 1998. For many years she ran her own successful graphic & website design studio until deciding to embark upon a career as a figurative painter in 2010. In pursuit of a more rigorous education in draughtsmanship and traditional oil painting techniques, Helen began studying at The Sarum Studio in Salisbury; dividing her time for several years between her own studio and that in Salisbury where she assisted with teaching. A member of Bath Society of Artists, Helen has regularly exhibited with The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and The Royal Society of British Artists.

It takes concentration and thoughtfulness to respond to nature – be it a portrait, still life or landscape. It is not an exercise in copying exactly what is in front of you, but of essential selection; a philosophy of seeing that allows the artist to make choices over many hours as the light and conditions change. In a time of so much noise and activity, Helen believes that the hard work and dedication required to work in this challenging tradition is as powerful as ever.

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